Did you know that the spine is not fully formed until we reach our 20's? There's a whole lot of growing and shaping to be done over those years and chiropractic care will help your spine develop properly.

Babies and children grow quickly. Their bodies become bigger and stronger every day. Now is the time to begin proper care of their spinal health so they develop as they should.

The birth process is not easy on your baby. The soft and delicate nerves of the spine, joints and skull are under a lot of pressure as they pass through the birth canal. It is not easy to see if the spine is out of alignment, or if there is pressure on a nerve somewhere but often your baby will tell you. He or she might be an irritable baby, or suffer from colic or an inability to sleep properly. Chiropractic care may be the solution to your baby's discomfort.

Toddlers and children are at the formative stages of their lives and they are active little creatures! They learn to crawl, stand, run and climb, and each of these stages places a different amount of pressure on parts of the spine. Regular chiropractic care will maintain the alignment of the spine so that your child can move freely and do all the things that children are good at!

A correctly aligned spine allows the nerves to work properly throughout the body, so your child can reach his or her developmental milestones as they grow.

If you maintain their spinal health now it will help them grow straight and strong. Any misalignment at this stage may lead to problems later on in life such as coordination and learning difficulties. It may also affect social interaction, such as picking up social cues and making friends.

Chiropractic care is gentle and safe for children from the moment they are born. Don't wait until your child has an injury or is not developing in line with his or her peers. Make paediatric chiropractic checks a regular part of your child's medical and health care. Give your child the best start in life that you can.

Book an appointment and we will help you care for your child's growth and development. Your first appointment is free.


Initial assessment valued at £38.

At your initial assessment we will:

  • - Check your medical history
  • - Assess your general health
  • - Do an assessment including a physical, neurological, postural and functional examination
  • - Discuss whether we can help you and consider your options

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